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Only in College

November 8, 2007

Coming to college is basicly like entering a new world, or so it would appear.
Only in college will you find an almost grown man wearing footy pajamas to English class, and doing so proudly because in his words, “They’re flame retardant!”
Only in college can you open your window at midnight and hear music majors singing in Latin. Only here would a group of people get together and sing that beautifully for no apparent reason other than the fact that they can and despite the fact that it is 40 degrees outside.
The only time you won’t be shunned for sitting out on the steps of the student union with a sign reading “free hugs,” is in college. In fact, if you’d believe it, the guy is more popular now.
The only place I’ve heard of it being common practice to shower in flip-flops is in college. I sincerely hope this really is the only place where this is the norm, its kind of annoying.
In college, or at least in Selleck, its not unheard of to find someone running up and down the halls throwing a tantrum, complete with screaming, crying, whining, and beating walls, because they don’t want to go to class.
On weekend nights, along with the beautiful singing and loud music from random parties, there will probably be people leaning out their windows howling. Yes, just like they showed on Gilmore Girls, I’m not joking.
Honestly, what more could a person want in an educational experience?