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Remember When

May 24, 2007

It is much too late for me to be up. I have graduation practice in 7 hours, and a very busy day after that. But I can’t sleep.

Tonight was my senior banquet, the theme of which was “Remember When?” It is the first and last time so many of the Burke class of 2007 have gotten together, and it was sort of sad. I sat with two girls I was friends with in middle school and my best friend from high school, and I realized that reguardless of our differences now we have all grown up together. After tonight I won’t ever have to see most of these people again, and that is something I have been looking forward to for quite a while now. But tonight it strikes me as bittersweet.
Allison was voted most likely to appear on the cover of Time Magazine, Allie Forsythe was voted Miss Nice Girl (A bad title I have to admit,) and Kalle, of course, was voted most unforgettable. (Well really, how can you forget the girl who went to jail last summer for assault, called me a racist, picked at least one fight a week in the halls, got taken out of AP Spanish by security for mouthing off to Mrs. Hiebner,,wore an African dress to school twice for no reason other than she wanted to show off her culture, and wants to be a doctor? I think the title was fitting.)

We had a list of memories like, “Remember when we ate lunch in a circus tent,” or “Remember when the construction workers got caught peeping through the tiles in the girls lockerroom,” both of which actually happened. It was strange to realize how many of the most memorable moments of my life have taken place at Burke High, and even stranger to realize how many haven’t. I’m thinking about writing my own “remember When” list, something to look back on in however many years and laugh about.

That year-long countdown is almost over. Roughly 18 hours to go. “Tick tock.”

More goings on

May 21, 2007

I’ve been out of high school for two and a half school days now, and there really hasn’t been much to say. On Thursday night I went out and celebrated with a friend before going to the Omaha NFB meeting/graduation party.
Friday night I went to a movie with Allison, the girl who was my best friend for most of middle and high school. The movie was decent, the conversation was better. It has been a long time since we’ve sat down just to talk, but Friday after the movie she suggested we get dessert from Panera. We brought it back to the house and just hung out for a while talking about nothing and everything. I can’t believe its already been four years since we sat in my room and talked bout how nervous we were for high school. We’re different people now. I wonder what I will be thinking about four years from now. Its strange to realize that the people who are so important to me now could all be distant memories then.
Yesterday morning Sherri and I went biking on the new tandom and then she dropped me off at the comission for TABS. Oh what fun. I went and sang with Texas Moon last night, and for the first time in a long time I remembered why I started going to the gigs in the first place. It was fun, the dance floor was packed, and I could tell that the music was cheering up the people. I gave party invitations to a couple of the people at the Post, and I realized that these people have watched me grow up. It was just one more reminder that time is passing whether I realize it or not.
After the gig Dad brought me home and then took Donna back to her house. I stayed up for a while talking to one of my friends. I must admit that it is a little comforting to realize that some things, however small they seem, never do change.

Today was the graduation party hop, three parties in three hours. (Yep, I’m sick of cake now.) Then we came home and cleaned for my party, all three of us. I’m not quite used to that concept yet.
Tomorrow is Honors Night at Burke. Tuesday night is the scholarship presentation at Fullerton, Wednesday night is the YWCA “Get to Know You” event and my senior banquet. Then Thursday night is graduation. After Thursday it will all be over, and at the same time it will finally be beginning. If you truely understand that you’re one step ahead of me.

The Taste of Freedom

May 17, 2007

I’m free! I never have to return to Burke ever again!

So here’s how my last last day of high school went.
I got up, went to school, and went upstairs to pick up my violin from the band room. The orchestra was warming up when I went in, and as I was leaving they were playing “Somewhere in my Memory.” I thought that was appropriate.
Then I went down to the library and took my French final. I won’t miss that class much.
Then we packed up all the things I had left at school, my computer and printer and such, and took them out to my vision teacher’s car. Then Kathy, who has been my vision teacher since 7th grade, drove me home. As soon as I was inside alone I jumped up and down and screamed, which is really unlike me. (It also scared Jennie to no end, she ran around in circles barking for a good 5 minutes after that.)
I called a couple of my friends, and a couple called me, and then I sat down and watched TV.
Then my mobility teacher came for our last lesson, and she took me to North to see one of my friends in the play she was directing. After that was over we went out for pizza, stopped at Factory Card Outlet and practicly bought them out of graduation cards, and she brought me home. No more mobility classes, which means I will no longer be getting graded to go shopping. Bummer!
Sherri gave me an early graduation present. It’s a silver necklace with three chains. The longest chain has a solid heart with just a couple of tiny pink crystals on one side. The second chain is plain, and the third chain has a tiny open heart dangling from it. Simple, but pretty, and it goes with everything that I’m planning on wearing for the next couple of crazy weeks.

It feels strange, realizing that I never have to go back to Burke again except for honors night. Much as I may have disliked it that school was my life for the past 4 years, and now I’m starting over again. But I’m ready.

8 days until graduation!
35 days until Spain!
43 days until Atlanta! (I think.)

The end of the beginning

May 16, 2007

I went to high school for the last time today. Well, I have to go back to take one final tomorrow, but today was the last day of classes. I use the word “classes” loosely, as the most substantial lesson I learned today was that shouting your graduation year at the top of your lungs is really rather amusing. (We have a great picture of me walking out the door with my backpack, a plastic bag full of junk food in my left hand, and my cane and a plastic bag containing a crockpot in my right.)

In government today we stood up and everyone said what they liked about us. We also ate cake.
In Spanish we sat around and looked at each other, and ate Starbursts and peanut m&m’s.
In French we colored monsters, wrote discriptions, and labeled their body parts. (This lesson was kept surprisingly clean considering the majority of my classmates are freshman boys.)
In English we had a massave food day, thus my taking a crockpot to school. We went all out, with cheese dip, little smokies, cupcakes, chips, salsa, and more candy and pop than you can buy at Sams Club.
Algebra was another food and game day.
And then I took my English and Spanish finals during my study halls. I’ll take my French final tomorrow morning and be done with high school forever!

Surprisingly I actually have mixed emotions about that. I’m happy of course, I’ve only been waiting for this for 13 years. But, the best word I can come up with for the experience is still bittersweet. My friends are moving, whether to school or new jobs. Today I took a picture with the girl who was my best friend throughout high school, and I realized that we haven’t really talked in months.
My orchestra teacher was gone today, and I realized that my last orchestra class ever was spent in the caffeteria listening to people talk rather than in the band room listening to them play what is fast becoming one of my favorite songs.
Tonight was the series finali of Gilmore Girls, and the emotions and goodbyes seemed to parallel my life. That show is just one more thing that is leaving, though in the grand scheme of things it is rather unimportant. But everything is changing, and I’m still childish enough to admit that I want everyone and everything except me to stay the same. I want to go out into the big wide world and have all kinds of grand adventures, and everyone is supposed to be right where I left them waiting for my stories.

Of course I know that is amazingly unrealistic, and I want everyone to enjoy their lives just as much as I plan to enjoy mine. I still don’t have to like change.

“Somewhere in my Memory”

May 12, 2007

I’m not sure why this crossed my mind tonight. Maybe its because I realized that I only have three days of high school left, maybe it has something to do with talking to the Strunks for the first time since they moved. Or, here’s a thought, it could be because we played the song in class today, or they played it anyway. I haven’t gotten my violin out for Orchestra for a couple of weeks, because it seems wrong to practice for my own honors night where I will be walking across the stage not performing in the pit.

The orchestra has been practicing a song called “Somewhere in my Memory.” Originally they were going to play it for Senior Honors Night, while all of the proud parents were finding their seats, but our director decided it was too sad. He didn’t want all of the family members to start crying since this is supposed to be a joyous occasion. Tonight, as we picked up the yard and cleaned the house for my graduation party, that song started running through my head, and the more I thought about it the more I realized that it isn’t really sad. The song, like so many other things that are happening right now, is bittersweet.

And it begins

May 4, 2007

I’ve been told that every great literary work should start with a fantastic first line. I guess its a good thing I’m not out to write a great work of literature here, because that is about the least memorable first line I’ve ever written in my life. In fact, the idea was stolen from a friend, see how unoriginal I am tonight? In my defence, it is 12:15 here. By all rights I should be sleeping, but I figured if I’m going to start a blog I may as well start tonight.

Somehow I feel like it all started tonight. This whole year I’ve been in a sort of limbo, not really interested in high school but knowing I have to get through it to get to college. Now I have eight days left of high school, and it seems like there is an event every day for the next month. Maybe if I post here everyone can keep up with the insanity. (Though come to think of it I’d better hope I can keep up with the insanity.)

I’m not sure why I feel like today set everything in motion. Maybe its because I attended my last actual Spanish Club meeting, or maybe its because the crazy weekend, which is mostly made up of prom related activities, is coming up. Or maybe its because the Strunks really left today. Well, not really left, but they’re out of touch until they get settled in Hawaii. And like Ryan said the last time I saw him, “Its a new chapter.”

Eight more days of high school and counting